Submission Guidelines


Organizing Committee ICABS-2020, invites interested academicians, scientists, scholars and students to submit their research work in form of abstract for presentation in the conference. The abstract should be limited to 300 words and be typed in Times New Roman with Font size 12 in double space. The abstract should mention title of the research, authors and their affiliations, address for correspondence, objectives, brief methodology, results and conclusions. The presenting author must be indicated by underling his/her name. For submission of abstract, please follow the instructions given on the online portal. Authors are requested to mention their choice for mode of presentation (Oral presentation / Poster presentation / E-poster) while submission. Submitted abstracts shall be subjected to peer review process and papers accepted by the screening committee for oral / poster /e-poster presentation would be confirmed by mail. Final publication of the abstracts in conference proceedings is subjected to the payment of registration fee. Abstracts received after due date will not be considered for publication in the compendium.

Oral Presentation :

The total time allotted to each speaker is seven minutes. Presenting author should plan to speak for five minutes and leave two minutes for questions. In any case, author would not be allowed for using more than allotted time. The conference room will be equipped with a LCD projector, a computer and audio equipment such as microphones for each oral presentation room. The computers are equipped with Windows OS as well as Microsoft Power Point (Office), Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Media Player. If your presentation is created in Apple’s "Keynote" presentation software, please save your presentation in PPT / PDF format. All the authors are requested to visit the conference room at least one hour prior to the session to verify their presentation for compatibility and proper operation. We suggest the presenting author to bring his/her own computer and a USB thumb drive with presentation materials as backup.

Guidelines for an effective oral presentation can be found below:

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Poster presentation :

Authors may wish to consider a poster presentation as it provides an opportunity for direct interaction and detailed discussion of research works between the presenter and audience interested in her/his study. Each poster session author will be provided with a 3' x 4' poster board area and mounting pins. The board will indicate the poster number in upper right or left corner. Authors are responsible for mounting their posters the morning of their presentation and removing them as soon as the session ends. Posters left up past that time will be discarded. Each poster must include text in a large enough font (~20 point font) to be read easily by attendees from a distance of 4 to 5 feet or more. Lettering on illustrations should be large and legible. Photographs should be a minimum of 5 x 7 inches. Material should be displayed in logical sequence (introduction, method, result and conclusion). No commercial activities or any advertising may be displayed on the posters. Non-compliance with this rule will result in the poster being removed. There will NOT be facilities on-site for printing or composing posters. No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations.

Guidelines for an effective poster presentation can be found below:

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E-poster guidelines :

E-Posters are electronic version of a poster presentation displayed on-site on a large television screen and are available for electronic viewing along the conference for all participants. These posters do not require printing. The e-poster may include text, figures, charts, tables, images, and artwork but does not include any audio, video, web links or animation.

Selected e-posters will be displayed on a wide screen monitor between 27”-32” in Exhibition area from February 17-19, 2020 during conference opening hours. A formal presentation is not necessary but authors may be contacted for discussion. Presence of authors at poster display site is optional. Authors of selected e-posters will receive participation certificate and three best e-posters from each thematic session will be awarded.

Preparation of E-poster

Since ICABS-2020 is an international conference, the official conference language is English. Please prepare your e-Poster in English.

Please follow below specifications to prepare your e-poster presentation. Also, please do not enable document encryption or password protection.

The presentation should be in landscape orientation with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

Poster Size
  • Pixels: Minimum recommended size (format W x H) is 1125 x 2000 px and maximum is 2250 x 4000 px.
  • DPI 300 pixels/inch.
  • File Size: Maximum file size is 5 Megabytes (5MB).
  • File Format: The presentation must be in the PPT, PPTX, ODP or PDF format to be accepted (Windows, Mac or Linux). Please note that all uploaded presentations will be converted and published in PDF format.
  • Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the e-poster.
  • As the poster is treated as a single poster presentation you should not have additional slides –only one.
  • All graphs and tables must be embedded in your file and have titles.
  • Avoid animated GIF files and be careful to respect copyright and personal anonymity with your images or photos.
  • Do not insert or embed any videos in your presentation.
  • Please do not include audio in your presentation.
  • Do not include hyperlinks as there will be no internet access on the e-poster screens.

Submission of e-poster:

A link to submit your e-poster has been provided in user panel of registered participants. If you find any problem with submission contact:

Deadline for e-Poster upload: Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Guidelines for an effective oral presentation can be found below:

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